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Feature Stories of KAWS members…..byawoman

A number of our members were recently featured by @Byawoman in a series of stories titled "Young, female, Kenyan- the she-doctors driving change in health care", four surgeons were featured. They include Dr Miriam Mutebi, Dr Elizabeth Mwachiro, Dr Marilynn Omondi, Dr. Susan Wanjiru Karanja, Dr. Carol Nthiwa and Dr. Neema Mbaruku. We are very excited to feature the story here also on our website and are proud of all of them! Individual stories found here: Dr Miriam Mutebi- Dr. Miriam Mutebi Shares the Intricacies of Cancer Care in Sub Saharan Africa! Dr Elizabeth Mwachiro- Dr. Liz Mwachiro: Female Surgeon Who Opened School in Bomet County! Dr Marilynn Omondi- Surgeon Dr. Marilynn Omondi Shares on Coping With Losing a Patient! Dr. Susan Wanjiru Karanja- Dr. Susan Karanja Among the Only Three Female Neurosurgeons in Kenya! Dr. Carol Nthiwa- Dr. Carol Nthiwa Becomes The Urologist Who Would Have Saved Her Mother’s Life! Dr. Neema Mbaruku- Dr. Neema Mbaruku: First Female to Register in Orthopedic Surgery in Kenya!

Welcome to KAWS – The Kenya Association of Women in Surgery

The Kenya Association of Women in Surgery alias KAWS is a Not For Profit organisation created for the women in surgery either as trainees or in profession dedicated to training. Established in 2018 KAWS has been spearheading the growth and development of women in the medical field in tremendous ways. Under the able leadership of Dr. Elizabeth Mwachiro, KAWS has seen its numbers grow and its members improve from strength to strength. This efforts have  eventually created a great community of women in the medical field. KAWS was established with a mission of fostering wholistic growth of the female surgeon in all her facets of life. KAWS members can attest to this. Since establishment, KAWS has undertaken numerous activities that have been in line with the mission and vision of the organisation. KAWS members have seen tremendous improvement in their day to day interactions with fellow medics with a continued sense of support and motivation from KAWS community. As KAWS we aim to be the leading women’s association that produces competent and self-aware female surgeons by providing support and mentorship to its members. Guided by the seven KAWS pillars, we aim to be a significant force in the local health care scene, producing quality personnel and expertise  to help not only KAWS members but the country as a whole towards the attainment of a functioning health care system. As KAWS we are guided by seven core values namely;
  1. Mutual support/community
  2. Empowerment
  3. Advocacy
  4. Excellence
  5. Passion
  6. Integrity
  7. Diversity & inclusion
As a KAWS member this are values endowed in you. We are a community we are the KAWS family and this values help us grow from strength to strength Our goals as an organisation include;
  1. To provide mentorship for professional and social development for both the upcoming and established female surgeons.
  2. To provide a platform for positive interaction amongst women surgeons.
  3. To advocate for equity and inclusivity of the female surgeon.
  4. To highlight challenges affecting women and provide a platform for solutions through policy change.
  5. To  provide a safe environment for upcoming female surgeons.
  6. To address matters of gender equality at the workplace.
  7. To conduct research in collaboration with international women surgeon associations.
  8. Partner with institutions to offer sponsorships, fellowships, electives, observer-ships, research  and faculty development for our members locally and abroad.
With this in mind KAWS is here to stay. Despite all the challenges, as KAWS this year we will be having our third annual symposium, we are grateful for each and every one who have been supporting the KAWS agenda and continue to render support in one way or the other. To our partners, friends and associates we want to than you and appreciate the journey taken thus far. The great inventor Isaac Newton once said, "If I Have Seen Further Than Others, It is By Standing Upon The Shoulders of Giants", to all our members, unity is strength, as women, we understand the challenges we face on a day to day basis in this field, KAWS is here to bring us together and share the experience and motivate each other, build each other up and most importantly learn from one another. To our future members, KAWS welcomes you with open arms, we are a family and our door is always open for new members to be part of our great initiative. Welcome to KAWS 2020.